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1/3/2011 - Loose Security

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    fun! easy

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    too easy.

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    Some people *coughcoughHYAENODON88coughcough* are way too complicated for my taste. My opinion in this cluttered 2d cube of pixelated shapes resembling common objects in a game called "chess," or what I call Move-a-Pixel, is that Black will hopefully see the array of White pixels that do not defend the king White pixel. Black's pixel queen and pixel rook can take advantage of the pixel rows and  pixel diagonals to create a bombardment of pixels that overthrow White's temporary king. May your crumpets and tea *sip* taste like heaven's cries.

                                                -All regards, Grabbedaqueen.

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    hmmmm this was very very easy...they gotta make these daily puzzles a little bit of a challenge

  • #125

    Ahhh I wish we could have finished the mate.

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    Very easy! And Nice half of a pawn triangle!

  • #128

    It was easy but a little harder then yesterdays puzzle.

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    az huh

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    I wish I got to finish that checkmate.

  • #135

     Uhm...... I guess this is a dumb question or something. But how is that mate?

  • #136

    Easy but sublime!

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    Fun one. Thanks!

  • #139

    I believe half of the people saying "Easy" at page 1, can't see the following mate in 2, after this puzzle finished...

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