1/4/2013 - R.Nezhmetdinov - S.Flohr, 1954

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    PIRATCH wrote:
    Almostmaster wrote:

    So, even GM Nezhmetdinov did not find the fastest way ...

    So once again, the colors have been reversed for absolutely no good reason!

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    Very stimulating puzzle. I had a little trouble noticing the best/quickest variation, as I first noticed 1. re3 be4 2. rxe4, rf2+(to delay the mate) 3. nf3+ rxf3(forced) 4. bxf3--and what ever white does now is meaningless so 5. re1 with 6. rh1# coming. Then saw the rook block as being the most effective...

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    nice puzzle

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    Is anyone else amused by the fact that Chess.com choose not to tell that today's puzzle (of all days) is a mate in 4?

    Well it worked. I saw the longer 1.Rf1 mate and played it not expecting to get it wrong.


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    Why not rh3 forcing rook to take then nf3 for mate?

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    1Knight_Rider1 wrote:

    Why not rh3 forcing rook to take then nf3 for mate?


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    e5 to g6???? checkmate

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    I agree with Jack Green's comment, as it could have been played smarter with a quicker execution too.

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    not easy for me!

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    easy at all times and i know it

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    Gordon36251 wrote:

    Isn't Rf1 stronger?

    Oops, I meant Rd1. Nevertheless, I have read your explanations and they make sense.

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    It was a thing of beauty. 

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    Not as easy as it looks looks can be deceiving...

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