1/4/2013 - R.Nezhmetdinov - S.Flohr, 1954

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    First move was hard and awesome, the rest was cake.

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    Seems like a quicker mate would be



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    great problem

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    Thanks for the lesson!

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    White is using the rook as an obstruction

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    You have solved this problem!
    4. Rh3#
    Why not the first move must be Rc3(or Rf1) and not Rd3?
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    Odd,, not easy to see.

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    I love this combination. First time I saw it was when Bent Larsen (the best Danish player ever and close to be world champ - only problem was first Spassky and then Fischer - showed it with excitement. One of the finest ends ever :-)

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    Too easy.....

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    Interesting, some say easy, others say tricky.  I got it first go with a bit of thought.

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    good one!

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    interesting first move...

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    how can people say this was easy? Are they lying to make themselves look good? That first move was so not obvious to me. After that, it's pretty straightforward, but I also thought 1.Rf1 was nearly as good.

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    I find it funny the people who say a puzzle from a grandmaster game is too easy, then you look at their ratings which are under 1100.

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