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1/5/2012 - Edward Lasker - Sir George Thomas, London 1911

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    good puzzle

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    dailypuzzle wrote:  Took me a few tries...I'm new to chess and chess.com

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    bhut_jolokia wrote:

    Why not e4-f6+? Please someone tell me why? Black has to take with the queen or rook;  then white Q to h7..

     Black can take the knight with the pawn at g7.  Qh7+ first forces Kxh7, then Nf6+ puts the king in check from the bishop at d3 as well as the knight, forcing the king to move.

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    The powerful Queen Sacrifice!  Nice problem.  Thank You!

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    AlivePoet wrote:

    Why didn't he play 6. Be4#? The castle seems unnecessary.

     because ur dumb.

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    whoa. just whoa. :D

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    Instead of 0-0 there's also Be2+ Kg2, Rh2+ Kg1 and Kd2#.  A move slower but still works. 

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    very cool!

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    Al_Freeman wrote:

    The original game went on like this : (which I think is way better)

    6. Be2 Kg2

    7. Rh2 Kg1

    8. Kd2(O-O-O)#

    One of the masterpieces of Lasker.

    Agreed!  Lasker created a thing of beauty.

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    I just happened to be looking at this game yesterday! What a coincidence. Anyway, white can force mate just as quick with 6. Kf1 as opposed to 6. O-O.

    Also, in the real game, surely it was more artistic for Lasker to mate with O-O-O... :D

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    Brunder1 wrote:

    Too long... kinda boring.

    This is funny!  Do you even like chess?

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    Very Nice

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    Good one...

    But on the 6th move, wouldn't checking black with the bishop on e4 be checkmate?

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    tough puzzle toay

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    ssuuppeerr!!  eeaassyy!!

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    easy easy easy easy

    easy easy easy easy

    easy easy easy easy

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    Optimuschess89 wrote:
    slowhare wrote:

    Another way


    why should you move pawn to h6, if you can simply capture the horse with rook?

    Blocks Qh7 mate.

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    terrible, all the moves make no sense

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    I got a couple easily, but then it was really hard!


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