1/5/2012 - Edward Lasker - Sir George Thomas, London 1911

dailypuzzle wrote:  Took me a few tries...I'm new to chess and chess.com

bhut_jolokia wrote:

Why not e4-f6+? Please someone tell me why? Black has to take with the queen or rook;  then white Q to h7..

 Black can take the knight with the pawn at g7.  Qh7+ first forces Kxh7, then Nf6+ puts the king in check from the bishop at d3 as well as the knight, forcing the king to move.


The powerful Queen Sacrifice!  Nice problem.  Thank You!

AlivePoet wrote:

Why didn't he play 6. Be4#? The castle seems unnecessary.

 because ur dumb.


whoa. just whoa. :D


Instead of 0-0 there's also Be2+ Kg2, Rh2+ Kg1 and Kd2#.  A move slower but still works. 


very cool!

Al_Freeman wrote:

The original game went on like this : (which I think is way better)

6. Be2 Kg2

7. Rh2 Kg1

8. Kd2(O-O-O)#

One of the masterpieces of Lasker.

Agreed!  Lasker created a thing of beauty.


I just happened to be looking at this game yesterday! What a coincidence. Anyway, white can force mate just as quick with 6. Kf1 as opposed to 6. O-O.

Also, in the real game, surely it was more artistic for Lasker to mate with O-O-O... :D

Brunder1 wrote:

Too long... kinda boring.

This is funny!  Do you even like chess?


Very Nice


Good one...

But on the 6th move, wouldn't checking black with the bishop on e4 be checkmate?


tough puzzle toay


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Optimuschess89 wrote:
slowhare wrote:

Another way


why should you move pawn to h6, if you can simply capture the horse with rook?

Blocks Qh7 mate.


terrible, all the moves make no sense


I got a couple easily, but then it was really hard!


Once again, I couldn't see all the way to the end, but I could bet on Queen sacrifice being the correct first move.  Interesting that the subsequent moves afterwards were pretty straightforward.  I'll have to go back and check if I strongly considered other moves after the queen sac. 

In a game, I'm pretty sure I would have started with a check by a knight

EDIT - Okay - I see - 1. Nxf6+  gxf6 - and now the black queen is guarding that critical h7 pawn.  That line goes nowhere for white.


Too many ways to checkmate!