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1/5/2013 - Rossolimo-NN 1944

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    this is difficult!

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    superb one!!!!!!!!!!

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    Why 4... - Re6?  Black should have played 4... - f5xe4, then Rh8...Qe5+ and he has tremendous advantage.  WHY?????

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    peruh wrote:

    @ abdulmajidsayem1

    peruh wrote:


    samzworldz wrote:



    1.Rxf5 Nxd4+ 2.cxd4 exf5 3.Qxh6+ Kxh6 4.Rh1+ Kg6 5.Kf4 Qc6 6.Rh8 Qxe4+ Line


    wat about this friends i am confused

    "ummm rite buddy dat kan also hapen but i leave it fr higher rated players to analyse n clear it up"


    It was a real game. After Nxd4+ white has a piece and the line from the game is out of question.

    " @peruh  buddy thnks fr helping but i meant that mate can b avoided here say fr time being................by following that line..v can say that its not a forced mate am i right?"


    You are absolutely right. After Nxd4+ there is no forced mate and black can play on :-)

    thnks buddies dout iz clear.......:)

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    To cpt morgan, I point out that you were making fun of me because I  am a 1200+ rating, you were suggesting that you are much better than me, an mabye you are, but before you talk smack , lets play a game together

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    at first it seems like a suicide mission!

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    stephen_33 wrote:

    Tricky one !  Needs quite a lot of thought but while 4...Re6 appears to be a mistake, 4...fxe4 is no good as an alternative...

    4... fxe4 5. Bh5+ Kh7 6. Bxf7+ Qh3 7. Rxh3#   (5...Kh6 has the same outcome)

    That was the reason behind 4...Re6 - to provide a blocking piece after the discovered check with 6.Bxf7 but then White was able to play the alternative of Rh8.  Very nice & took me a while to grasp that!

    The foresight shown in this is very impressive     

    thanks for that, makes sense!

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    @westbrook77777 and PT_morgan:

    I have posted a comment to "your debate" It is impossible for me to see, that CPT_morgan was condescending. It is a fact, that you can only improve by studying themes, tactical frames and so on. If not, you will stay where you are. The puzzles on chess.com are realistic. If you can't solve one, look at the solution and ask if nessesary.

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    quite difficult one...

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