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2/13/2012 - Knighty Knight

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    Cry_Wolf wrote:
    sighbeerguy wrote:

    Not sure if it is possible to make a puzzle more simple than this.


     Cry_Wolf's puzzle is also too easy, as b7# is White's only legal move. White was forced to mate Black.

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    Easy indeed.

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    too easy

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    The Knights get all the credit: the d3 Knight is keeping the King 3 squares and the e3 delivers the final blow. But what could they accomplish without the c2 pawn!?

    I love chess.

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    The powerful two Knights with full range upon the Lone King in the center.  Thanks for the lesson!

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    yea that was easy...

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    I agree that everyone deserves a chance so they don't lose heart but isn't this going to extremes ?  It's only when we are challenged by problems that we improve at anything.  Looking forward to tomorrow's one.

    P.S.   I'm off to the puzzle archive; there are some good ones out there-has anyone done them all ?


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    Over before beginning'.

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    So easy i died.

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    What!?!? No Q sac?  I'm calling my mommy

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    ka7th wrote:


    if you dont want to see the solution cover your screens now!




    Hahahahahahahahahahahaha. The funniest post I've seen in a while. Cheers.

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    I don't usually post on these things but this puzzle really was too easy. 

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    Too easy!

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    so easy

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    Doesn't anyone see? No one can get "first". Just look at the top right corner of your comment people! The only "first" comment is the daily puzzle itself!

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    Darmian36 wrote:

    Quite hard.......

    I found it quite easy

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    guessed and got it:D


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