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2/13/2013 - Mate in 3

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    the knight on f7 would be worth at least like, 2 rooks. Surprised

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    Nice. Thanks.

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    ok 1st page

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    Nice comment Rubistockholm 

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    I love discovered checks...

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    yoursisnodisgrace wrote:

    This shows the power of the knight.

    Not only! Double check is as important! With 1...Kh8 2 Nf7+ would be double check again! Wink

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    thats it?

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    Easy peasy

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    You have solved this problem!
    3. Qh8#
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    YearsWasted wrote:

    no delating comments any more

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    We expect a pattern of easy Sunday and increasing difficulty through the week.  But frequently daily puzzle surprises us and doesn't follow this pattern.  This is one of those surprising weeks.  I felt that yesterday's Monday puzzle was quite difficult, and today we had a puzzle that was only challenging if we were looking for something complicated.  The obvious moves, each forcing the black king to move, were the way to go.  Definitely easier, more straight-forward than yesterday's puzzle.

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    more than likely I would have played Nxd6 and won the queen. Probably would be good enough but obviously not Mate-n-3.

    Would these puzzles be better tests if you didnt already have the answer in the title?

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    Favorite puzzle thus far.

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    Very nice!

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    goood one

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    really easy.

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