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2/16/2012 - Gulko - Chigorin, USSR 1971

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    Nice puzzle.

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    The ghost of Chigorin played really awfully!

    The man was dead some 63 years before 1971- get serious, please...

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    Nice puzzle!

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    this just in and yes itz a very puzzling & interesting tactic..Cool

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    Thanks for the lesson.

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    Got it :) nice puzzle

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    hi. i liked that one.

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    quite easy got it first timeLaughing

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    I liked it

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    Elegant: Particularly the variation with the double-knight mate. I liked that one best of all because it took me the longest to figure out - you just don't normally promote a pawn to a knight.

       One complaint - why does the puzzle stop where it does ? it's not complete.

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    every one always says these things are easy. in my opinion they always are tricky cause theres always a fork or killable queen or some other good move that im tempetd to do but cant cause it still aint the "best" move

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    in the data base its grigorian not chigorin
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    It's a good one today.  I liked the buffet of mate options once that last move is made.  There's no final mate on the puzz because it could be done different ways; the important thing is that there's no way out!

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    diontd wrote:

    first! for the first time too!

    nice puzzle

    Stop putting "first" down people! Look at the top right corner of your comment. It says #2, not #1. The puzzle is the only actual #1!

    It was a nice puzzle though, you're right on that aspect of things.


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