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2/17/2012 - Mate in 6

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    good one, but easy

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    Beautiful double sac to expose King.

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    Easy when you know there is a mate ...  but how many people would even think there was a mate on in this position in an actual game?

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    Knowing it was "mate in 6" really helped -  Just knowing it was a puzzle with a possible mate helped.  I got it with no errors, but I'm sure I would not have gotten it in a real game.

    Knowing it would be checkmate win for white, I knew every move had to be a check.  So I sacrificed my rook and then my bishop right off. Then on move 5, Nf4+ was clearly better than sacrificing my one remaining Rook

    In a way, recognizing that the final Rh5 was checkmate was one of the more difficult parts of the puzzle.  It took a second careful look to see that all black king's escape squares were blocked.

    By the way, reviewing the puzzle, I note that Black could have moved
    5. ... Kg5, but my rook was protected at h5 by the knight, so 6. Rh5 would have been checkmate anyway.

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    Nice.  Cool

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    I really liked that open board chackmate. Rare.

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    Whew, my finger is tired.

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    Gromit wrote:

    Easy when you know there is a mate ...  but how many people would even think there was a mate on in this position in an actual game?

    Probably anyone who got into this position in the first place, given that white is missing his queen. :)  The mate must have been seen and the queen sacrificed already to set it up, set out deliberately as a trap, or just neglected, knowing it didn't matter.

    Really the only hard thing about seeing this mate in a game as given (not having deliberately set it up this way in the first place) is that there were two sacrifices, which is a pretty strong barrier to imagination.  It was so incredibly forcing, though, and the followup with the second rook so evident, that it wasn't actually at all intimidating to calculate.  So I could see a fair number of people playing this correctly if it was handed to them as a unspecified "interesting position" or some such, maybe even with the black queen off the board to take away that clue.

    As a Friday puzzle, it was a bit disappointingly easy, if pretty.

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    We are thankful for having chess.com. We are overseas filipino workers here in Saudi Arabia. Playing  chess on-line after work is our one way to ease our homesickness. I love also solving your daily puzzles...but sad to say, puzzle which are mate in 2 or 3 moves are not interesting. We are looking for a puzzle that really blow one's mind, puzzle mate in 5 or more moves are much bette. Thank you & more power!                 

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    For me it is a difficult puzzle.

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    cool p

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    6. Rh5#

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    wow ..

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    I like these longer 6 move mate puzzles.  They involve a little more of the mid-game thinking.

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    Good one.

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    i have solved it just by sacrifising everything i could

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    pretty decent!


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