2/18/2013 - Mate in 2

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    Fix please!

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    Wow, Stunning puzzle!! Piece design is insane!! (If you find them let me know, lol)

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    invisable pieces, that makes it hard

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    Swr2d2 wrote:

    I don't see a puzzle...

    Me too??????

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    theres noting to do CryCryCryCryCryCryCryCryCryCryCryCryCry

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    where are the pieces?

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    Still Sunday?

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    I guess the Queen takes the pawn in front of her, she is then taken by the pawn to her left, when the rook retakes the square the queen had had its mate.

    Is this mate in two? I know white makes two moves, but black makes one. Wouldn't that be three?

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    No, "a move" in chess comprises a move by both sides.

    Next you get to point out that Black doesn't make a counter-move so it's really mate in one and a half moves, but the weight of precedent is against you. Laughing

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    I stole the board...sell it back to chess.com for a million!! I need to go to the the mall and I'm broke.

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    what the heck? this is a puzzle?

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    ChenGJ wrote:

    what the heck? this is a puzzle?

    only if you can find it lol

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    I think the pieces went for a coronation ceremonyLaughing

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    why the daily puzzle page always has some problems?

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    Just a typo in the FEN string. Nothing to worry about.
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    All it takes is a little imagination! Makes it easy to solve.

    Tongue Out

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    I don't see a puzzleUndecided

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    It just shows a blank board.

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    wow, no pieces. Sealed

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