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2/18/2013 - Mate in 2

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    you have to go to the chess.com page with all the articles and stuff, and than you'll see the puzzle.

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    my dog ate the piecies right after he solved it!

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    please fix the puzzle.

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    i connot see a puzzle

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    ah a realy transparend game

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    this is rubbish, i cant even see todays puzzleYell

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    this puzzle is impossible!! (cuz the board is blank lol)

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    Nooo piiieeeces. That's weird. Of course, a million people probably already said this. Maybe on facebook it would work...

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    xray wrote:

    my dog ate the piecies right after he solved it!

    HA!!!!! BAD DOG!!!!!!

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    Too easy!

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    Very tough problem. I give up.

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    Qxh5+ gxh5


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    How many years has this bug been going on? We need a programmer!

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    so easy that you dont need the focused view...

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    there is nothing, how you solve it?! and posted comments in 10 pages, and you are happy for being in first page!!!!!

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    Hello everyone..... Ya don't need the pieces, just do it in your head like I am doing now.  Look look, see I'm doing it. It's easy. Done.  Next.

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    Ooops! I forgot to mention.... I have to go play one of those annoying real chess games.  Wish me luck.

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    Fix please!

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