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2/18/2014 - Mate in 3

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    EyadRiyadh wrote:
    KishanReddy_k wrote:

    Why not 1.Qxc5   Rxc5  2.Rf8+ Kg7 or (Kh7)  3.R1f7++

    Things doesn't go like that. Black will response a strategic deffensive move:

    1. Qxc6    Be6

    So, it wouldn't be a mate in three.


    Check my comment. Be6 is also not much better.

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    Good puzzle

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    Nice one i was struggling on the first move nice queen and rook team work!! and nice sacrifice by rook!!

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    I like the added annotations because it explains intentions behind the maneuvers. I hope Chess.com will inclued more in these positional studies.

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    @ MSC 157  1.Qxc6 Rxc6  2.Rf8+ Kh7  3.R1f7  end of game.Thats it Laughing
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    Hola,me gustaba mas tomar la reina,para luego matar con las dos torres.

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    very nice puzzle.

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    Cool   Sometimes, the solution stares you in the face but, there is a tendency to over complicate things when there appears to be possible alternatives. As with this puzzle !

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    Amazing how manipulating the opponent with a forced sac puts the opponent in the position for the kill.  But starting with a simple QXQ trade would work as well.

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    to easy

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    hey....gud puzzle,...

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    Not bad

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    Nice puzzleWink.

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    what about 1.Qxc6 Rxc6 2.Rf8 Kg7 3.Rf1 to f7#


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    too easy

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