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2/18/2014 - Mate in 3

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    I love how there is an explanation!

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    Qc4,Rf8 maybe

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    There was no rook for me!?! That was wierd

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    MSC157 wrote:
    birurajopadhyaya wrote:
    MSC157 wrote:

    I'm so sorry, but you can't beat me, dailypuzzle! It's my thread. 

    EDIT: Qxc6 is mate in 4.

    why not in 3 move, by 1'st move Qxc6 ???

    1. Qxc6 

    Rxc62. Rf8+Kg73. R1f7# 

    Because black plays 1...Bf5 insted of RxQ. If I weren't first (before the puzzle), I would post the analysis. Now I don't like to spoil it. :)

    Thank you so much Smile

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    Easy to find the moves when presented as a puzzle, but these are the sort of chances I miss all the time in actual games.

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    couldnt you do Qc6 Rc6 Rf8 Kg7 Rf7

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    abychess9 wrote:

    I like it!  Probably because I solved it.Smile

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    Ok, that was actually brilliant. Haven't seen one this interesting in a while!

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    meow.....nice review....

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    nice puzzle...

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    Bryan681972 wrote:
    abychess9 wrote:

    I like it!  Probably because I solved it.

    Nice to know that you liked it Smile

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    Wow, I somehow totally missed this one. I need to definitely work on my tactics..

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    polymate puzzle


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