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2/20/2012 - Attack and Surprise

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    felt good to solve.

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    Free queen!

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    nice and easyCool

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    nice and thanks to Abubhav472 for his puzzle too.....

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    if u r u20 join my group: The children of chess.

    i know it sais u18 but that was a mistake!!

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    Thanks for the lesson!

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    is that checkmate? it can't be cause the pawn can kill the knight, the rook the pawn, the bishop the rook, the second rook the bishop, then it just goes downhill for black. I''m not sure I understand this puzzle.

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    nice revealed attack

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    Is it still Sunday ?  An obvious line of attack but why does Black move the knight ?

    On the positive side, I prefer not knowing the objective: It adds another layer of interest.

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    cool moves

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    good one

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    dracoms wrote:

    You won the queen. Do you really want a checkmate?

    Personally I enjoy slow torture for my opponents in a helpless situation.

    Like somebody else said: never do in 2 moves what you can do in 12. :D

    My sentiments, exactly.

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    Interesting. :]

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    Coolabubhav472 wrote:



    Cool Good puzzle.

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    Okay, I needed help out of the chute, but then I was fine.  However, neat little puzzle!

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