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2/2/2013 - Mate in 4

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    yeah :)

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    I wish these sorts of positions would show up in my games

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    good one.....

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    kaichess wrote:

    crig ra bandolo 1st time 2nd Queen sac for sunday good morning 

    Sunday? It's Saturday! Laughing

    I'm not sure, if this is the only way to mate and to win!

    What about 1 Rcg1? With the idea of sacrificing the rook on g4 (taking the knight with check) ... Wink

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    Good puzzle!!!CoolSmileWink

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    there are more than one ways of checkmate threats for black, though all are not checkmates in 4 moves..

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    I like it

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    Cool    Shouldn't black have moved it's knight back to g4 after taking the white queen ?

    EDIT...  No that's no good.  Black's doomed !

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    sra66 wrote:

    I wish these sorts of positions would show up in my games

    Cool   They probably do. The trick is to realise that you are being presented with an end game puzzle, I think.

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    nice one

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    You have solved this problem!
    4. Rxh6#
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    Another Q sac 1.Qh6+...Nxh6, 2.Rcg1+...Kh7, 3.Bf5+...Kh8, 4Rxh6#.I liked the way the Q sac forced black N to take Q,now you could use your R to check,forcing Kh7,now you had use of your Bf6, to force Kh8,and then the final blow Rxh6#.Could see mate from begining,nice set up.Good day Chess head's

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    interesting! :D

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    At first I was looking at 1. Rxh6+, couldn't make it work, and then realized the importance of keeping a rook on the h-file the entire time, keeping the knight on h6 pinned.  For example, if 1. Rxh6+ Nxh6 2. Rg1+ Kh7 3. Bf5+, then the knight is free to play 3...Nxf5 because it is not pinned, as opposed to the puzzle solution.  Once I realized all this, I got it rather quickly.

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    interesting.. took a while to get it

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    Takes a little careful thought - good puzzle !


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