2/2/2013 - Mate in 4


Very nice queen sac. I tried first with the rook, but it'd break the logic really.

More puzzles please! :D


well then


It is a matter of finding the first move. The rest is forced.


A beautiful one. Thanks, Chess.com!

PIRATCH wrote:
kaichess wrote:

crig ra bandolo 1st time 2nd Queen sac for sunday good morning 

Sunday? It's Saturday!

I'm not sure, if this is the only way to mate and to win!

What about 1 Rcg1? With the idea of sacrificing the rook on g4 (taking the knight with check) ...

1. Rcg1, with the immediate threat of 2. Qxh6#, looks like it ultimately works, but because it is not a check, it allows black time for stalling/defensive moves beginning with 1...Qxc2+ that should delay mate for more than four moves. 




Good one


Good one.


solved in 2nd time


Nice one.


Not too difficult


First time doing it without making a mistake :D


i never get the queen sac ones because i don't have the guts to do the sac


good one


A question of who was going first, rook or Queen.As per chess.coms perference i figured go w/ the Queen.

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Chestnut22 wrote yesterday:

very nice, easy but nice
side note. Do people actually wait until it is exactly 3 in the morning.(or w.e their time zone) just so they could type first? can someone maybe explain to me what the satisfaction they get from it is...

Beats me. But then, I don't get the people saying 'easy' either. Easy for you? Maybe, but is that really so interesting to the rest of the world you need to let everybody know? Easy for everyone? Nope, it's not.

I think no one ever received applause for the great achievement of "first!" or "easy!" yet somehow they must feel better after writing it, cause otherwise this would have stopped long ago. Very puzzling comments, these puzzle comments.

waynedickinson2 wrote yesterday:

If people get off on sayn "first!",then let it be!No one is hurting anyone,are they?just let it be,let them have their moment-stop hatin.

I don't hate. I just think y'all are megalomaniatic egotistic nincompoops, and you’re only still alive because natural selection was neutralized by technology, is all.

Doesn't narural selection in a way favour the most egoistic members of species? Anyway, as it is chess we're talking I think some people don't have a life (side effect of playing chess) and are sitting in wait every night and day to jump the latest puzzle and after they' re done call out for mummy to wipe their behinds... that's the way I interpret this touch of pride implied in these "1st, 2nd, 3rd" exclamations 


queen sac!!!


nice and good, kind of quality end game.


how to play


quite slow for me to solve but i did solve it :D