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2/2/2013 - Mate in 4

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    :) great puzzle

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    bello e facile ;-p 

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    waynedickinson2 wrote:

    caileach,stop being so angry,Jesus loves you!o yea -on the puzzle dizzle-  LAST!

    lmao, another one that thinks I need some leading back into the warm embrace that is christianity. priceless Laughing.

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    Good one

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    PIRATCH wrote:
    Bryan681972 wrote:
    PIRATCH wrote:
    kaichess wrote:

    crig ra bandolo 1st time 2nd Queen sac for sunday good morning 

    Sunday? It's Saturday!

    I'm not sure, if this is the only way to mate and to win!

    What about 1 Rcg1? With the idea of sacrificing the rook on g4 (taking the knight with check) ...

    1. Rcg1, with the immediate threat of 2. Qxh6#, looks like it ultimately works, but because it is not a check, it allows black time for stalling/defensive moves beginning with 1...Qxc2+ that should delay mate for more than four moves. 

    Not at all: 2 Qxc2+ - Maybe it's not mate in 4. But the game is over anyway!

    Great.  So we agree than.

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    Nice Queen Sacrifice leading to Checkmate administered by a Rook assisted by a Bishop!  Thanks for the lesson.

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    doduobird123 wrote:

    post 108: after Qa7, black can save himself with Rd2 instead of Ra3. also bxd4 works too. rxd4 qxd4#.

    1. Qa7 Rd2 2. Rxd2 Qxd2 3. Qg1+, with checkmate next move.

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    I suprised myself here. I actually got this on my first try.

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    Rk c1 to g1, qn takes pawn ckmate, sparemove make a sandwich and have a coke :)

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    oh. I get it now...

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    Cool :) !

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    very nice

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    I like this one!

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    very good

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    Dang, I saw the moves, but I thought the Knight could take the bishop after Bf5+...I didn't see the pin on the knight in my mind so I went to look elsewhere...>.>

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    King Bishop helped a lot.

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    BEAUTIFUL puzzle!!! thank you & MEOW, MEOW you ALL!!!


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