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2/23/2013 - Mating With Patience

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    its clear puzzle. thanks

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    Cool, I would resign in such a situation and it is possible to win, I dont believe my eyes. 

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    Fantastic :-)

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    Classic king-in-the-corner mate!

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    In live-chess I would not have hesitated to go for a draw with KC5. This line would come as a surprise for me, if I had missed it :-) Fine :-)

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    Nice endgame puzzle.

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    Brilliantly played by black to get into such a position... Wouldn't put it past myself!

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    well that was interesting. first mate I've seen with just a bishop.Smile

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    Quite easy when you think about it, as white's moves all speak for themselves, because each white move leaves black with only one legal response until checkmate.

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    beast one until now played Surprised

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    this should be considered (in an actual game) a helpmate right?

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    interesting mate

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    idelapuente wrote:

    this should be considered (in an actual game) a helpmate right?

    No, from the given set up the mate is quite forced - Black never had an alternative move at any stage. For it to be a helpmate you would have to show that Black had alternatives and only chose those that helped White.

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    Could be called "Patiently Mating"?

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    good endgame puzzle

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    Black has to be a stupid to loose this one Smile

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