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2/25/2013 - Defending

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    Nice one.

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    another idea which is very simple. only move g4!.

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    well, the Queen did not die today.

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    create escape route...

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    Good one had a similar experience in one game.secure your king 

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    I was expecting some continuation after making the only reasonable first move.

    Perhaps there is none, because black can't find a viable response.

    newba in posting #19 shows one sequence that is disastrous for black.

    I just can't find anything that will work for black after 1.g4.

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    hmm was tough for the first time... Tongue Out

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    habbiton, in posting #31 finds a good response for black - advance the h pawn to h4.  Unfortunately, advancing 2 squares after having advanced that pawn is not a legal move.  And getting there in 2 moves gives white multiple ways to defuse that attack.  I like
    1.g4  h5, 2.d8=Q  hxg4,  3.hxg4  and black is down a queen.
    1.g4  h5, 2.d8=Q  h4,    3.Qxh4  Rh1+,  4.Kg3  Rxh4, 5.Kxh4.  and black is down a rook.

    Edit - whoops.  4. ... Rxh4 is impossible --- white's pawn at h3 is in the way.  Even worse for black.

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    that was waaay too simple 4 me

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    MSC157 wrote:

    I would definitely promote to queen if there were no "Defending" sign! :)

    How I do it...

    By your rating I think you would have seen the mate threat,but the title did have some bearing on the game!!

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    great move

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    Only move...

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    One little step to save the king! Laughing


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