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2/4/2012 - Mate in 4

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    BluePenguin wrote: TheCabal wrote: I don't understand blacks response 3... Bb4. Can anyone help me getting this one? Move 3 was indeed tricky to find, as was move 4! Move 3, Qb1, further limited the mobility of the black King. It removed b3 and b5 as escape squares. The black King had 2 remaining escape squares: c3, which would have been met with mate in the next move, Qc2#; and d5, which would also have led to mate in the next move, Qe4#. The move Bb4 created a small escape hatch, the b5 square, through which the black King would have escaped, had it been given a chance. Thank you for explaining it, now I get it!!
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    this is very easy...

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    Zinsch wrote:

    Move 3 is tricky.



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