2/8/2014 - Out Of Luck

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    1st pg for me as well

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    Shippen wrote:

    I am beginning to wonder if some people actually understand the logic of chess, all these puzzles follow a logical process. The key to these puzzles is what you do on each move after black has moved not what black should have done but what white does in response. Only the first move usually is the only move and set up that way.

    You got a point, except that I make my play thinking of which would be the best reply for Black.  

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    RioBRChess, yes in a normal game, whites first move on these puzzles are set up so that in general it's the only move that can be made then, black moves what do you do then, if black makes a weak move you play accordingly.

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    Yes, I see that, Bryan. Well, I say that, but it took you to point it out to me. It's a shame, I guess, that the problem didn't go further by simply illustrating it. Thanks for doing so; it's finally clear to me.Embarassed

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