3/10/2012 - White to Draw

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    I guess the point was to survive the onslaught. 

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    too hard can someone tell me the answer

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    this is hard wait for ez sunday:)

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    extremely tough and strange...but not bad.

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    good one

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    ndskykng wrote:
    melvinbluestone wrote:

    Caramba! You may be right, ndskykng. After 1.Bh3 Bxe2 2.Rf2 Bxd1 3.Qxf7 Bf3+ 4.Rxf3 exf3 5.Qxf3, black seems to have a lot of nothing. This is what happens when you try to do analysis and listen to the Grateful Dead at the same time......

    Lol, Grateful Dead is awesome.

    I'm glad you posted 1.. Bxe2 though, it means you're actually thinking about the position rather than most of these guys on the thread that are just saying "This is not a draw!" without any evidence.

    Just food for thought, as an alternative to 5. Qxf3, think about 5. Rg1 too and the threats of 6. Qxg6 and 7. Qxg7 =) Lots of possibilities.

    Don't celebrate just yet...... After 1.Bh3 f5!? it's not clear how white breaks through blacks advancing front and deals with his hanging bishop...... But the endgame, if it gets to one, is an easy win for white.

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    medium level puzzle.

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    Very nice and weird.
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    Very good.

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    what a stupid puzzle!!!!!!!!!!

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    good one...

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    hate it

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    This is very good puzzle!1!11!!1111!!!

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    very strang puzzle

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    How can be this a draw?

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    i don't like this prob

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    Very good puzzle, but how is it a draw?

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    I'm a good chess player.  And that puzzle was just out in left field.   If you really did finish that on your own please email me so I can bow down!!  Besides that chess.com must be getting bored..

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