3/16/2010 - Order of Capture

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    marcma wrote:

    Looks like black looses on this one, perhaps not in material, but in possession. Knight at a7 is completely out of play atm. White plays Rxe7 and wins back a pawn, and black has to lock its rook to defend their bishop, otherwise they loose another pawn.

     usually having one more bishop or knight than your opponent is stronger even if your opponent has two more pawns  than you but black will be hard put to utilize that advantage, black just slightly saves his seat on this one Laughing

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    good puzzle

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    what theese??...help aaah...easy...
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    I agree with you, but in addition to what you said a word wonderful, I see no objection to point this out to the importance of taking the order of the pieces

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    Thank you for the puzzle.  Smile

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