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3/23/2012 - Mate in 4

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    No but I've seen him get in a check. It was awesome.

    Found it: http://www.chess.com/forum/view/daily-puzzles/2212012---outside-the-realm

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    Cool Fun !

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    There is other way on 3 moves from white

    H g5#   -   kh8

    T h6# - Bx h6
    T h7# mat

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    mohandisusa wrote:

    only rook and knight are involved in the mating process...

    Seriously dude? So it didn't matter to you that the Bishop controlled the g8 square.

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    excellent !Cool 

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    A little more thinking involved in this puzzle, I like.

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    solving first move

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    Numero Uno!

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    RenataCFC wrote:

    The pins led me to waste a lot of time on 1. Ng5+, but after Kg6 I can't find a thing.  Kh8 does lead to a quick mate, though, so I kept bashing my head on it.   By the time I finally gave up and looked at 1. Rxg7+ all the pieces were there in my head and as so often happens, the rest took about 5 seconds to spot and 15 more to double-check.  Go figure.

    I like the twist of the battery on the a2-g8 diagonal being unleashed to control an escape square instead of for revealed check as seems usually to be the case.

    I did the same thing.  I was like hey, lets go use the pin, and was going down lines involving 1.. Kg6 before getting frustrated and turning attention to the rook taking instead =/

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    it was a good game

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    no place to run

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    good one

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    nice puzzle

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