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3/25/2013 - Order of Exchanges

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    Cool   Shiver me timbers. What was that ?

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    ~Pretty cool!\_ I think I would actually try for mate if I didn't know the title Smile_/

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    Simplification by removing the attacker. Good day; bonne journée.

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    Quick and simple. No trouble with today's puzzle.

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    lol simple

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    That's a puzzle?

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    april fool

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    I like taking the. Rook with kight. And. K takes

    Bishop. Gain of major piece.

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    A Game for black!! Wow. I guess the point of this was to get rid of the imediate attack from the queen on blacks king

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    I Got it ! :)

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    i was hoping it would be a little more interesting...

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    Very easy

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    done, almost 4 sec.

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    glsmith wrote:

    I like taking the. Rook with kight. And. K takes

    Bishop. Gain of major piece.

    Nope.  After bishop takes rook you don't gain anything except a missed opportunity.  

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    that was tough

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    Very sophisticated for Monday!  On Monday I would really expect something with a more definite outcome - a pretty obvious mate-in-n moves or a HUGE advantage.  Today, we pick the right moves for a 1-piece advantage and playable position. (With the queens gone, the one-knight advantage does loom pretty big, but both players still have both rooks and white has more pawns around his king and facing the black king)


    Looks like a real game situation.  Did white just resign at that point (down a piece) or was there an interesting continuation?  If I were white, I'd move 3. Rc1.

    EDIT: After 3. Rc1 Ne5, white wins back a pawn, but, as I played it out, it looks like a win for black.  The extra knight gives black too many options.

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    truly very easy


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