3/5/2013 - Mate in 2

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    Prememtus wrote:

    Great to emphasize the importance of a choice that may be originally brushed off as absurd, like to sac your queen. Teaches you to reconsider more options as sometimes you can have compensation or better, for doing moves you'd originally not even go further to think about. Just goes to show that even though you may think this, and brush it off, doesn't necessarily always make it the correct thing to do, and it's always important for us to recognize more possibilities and go further despite our thoughts. This is greatly important in Chess! Don't want to miss that chance mainly because you failed to consider the option, as absurd as it may seem. Wouldn't want to decieve/cheat yourself out of that opportunity, all moves always have consequences in Chess.

    This what I try to say to my friends who may not play chess or who do not play as much. I liken the game of chess to that of life, since everybody tries to be so 'philosophical' with everybody and all.... hahahaha. Yet when it comes to chess it seems, they probably roll their eyes into the back of their sockets and just think to themselves that I must be full of hot air or something. Hahahahaha.

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    Too easy.

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    Ah yes, 1/2 of the Venus fly trap.

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    Simple smothered mate

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    Coment Deleted :)

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    I got Mate in ONE with the Knight!

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    TalHauffe wrote:

    I got Mate in ONE with the Knight!


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    By moving it into the right place!

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    aditya_kris wrote:

    on move 8 can't black just take the queen with his rook?

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    probably but at move 2 black could play Qb2#

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    i wanted black to make stupid moves

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    did someone say HORSE power or was it "horses2002" power?!

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