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3/8/2013 - Mate in 5

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    Had to find the first move... Thanks, Tongue Out.

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    mga pilipino tolz bigyan nyu nga ako ng clue

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    I didn't see this through from the start, largely because I missed black's responses.  But at each step, the best next move was quite obvious.

    It all began with the idea of getting my rook to the h-file - a devastating attack.  Black interposed some delays that made me change my sequence, but they couldn't stop the attack, given my bishops' control of key squares and my strong pawn falanx on the black diagonal.  I was sort of expecting black to try to break up that pawn falanx, but couldn't see that stopping the ultimate checkmate. 

    The response to black's every move - even the queen sac after ...Qf8,  was quite obvious.

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    Disappointing for a Friday.... too obvious.

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    dolati wrote:

    if black played queen first he wouldn't get mate

    How so?  If 1. ... Qf8, then 2. Qxh7+  Kxh7, 3. Rh4+  Qh6,  4.Rxh6#

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    Bryan681972 wrote:

    A whole heck of alot easier than yesterday's puzzle.

    I agree.  Certainly true for me.  Perhaps that is because from the start I was focused on getting my rook to the h-file for a killer attack.

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    first page

    Foot in Mouth

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    slowly think, then it will be easy to solve.

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    Very nice puzzle.

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    striker301 wrote:

    You can q sack on the first move

    Yes you can, but then you'll not mate in 5!

    1 Qxh7+?? Kxh7 2 Rf4 Rh8! and how to mate now?
    (If 3 Rh4+ Kg8 and Black is safe!) Cool

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    simon-whitehead wrote:

    I'm not entirely sure I understand why black gives up the bishop..

    Exactly, what was the point?

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    its simple..

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    I had to press "help" on the first move. I got it after that. So does that mean I get to say "easy"?

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    striker301 wrote:

    You can q sack on the first move

    Doesn't quite work.  If 1. Qxh7+ Kxh7 2. Rf4 Rf8 (or Re8) 3. Rh4+ Kg8, no checkmate.  Black cannot respond to 1. Rf4 with Rf8 or Re8 due to 2. Qg7#.


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