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3/8/2013 - Mate in 5

  • #101

    nice mate

    all of the puzzles are sacs latley!

  • #102

    I have no idea why that worked.

  • #103

    Ok... now I get it.

  • #104

    another good lesson/review.....

  • #105
    WatchingUrBacK wrote:

    i can win dis only n 3 moves:p

    Show us how!


    If black's 1st move is Q-f8, doesn't that stop all this nonsense! What do I not see?

    1 Rf4 Qf8 2 Qxh7+ Kxh7 3 Rh4+ Qh6 4 Rxh6# What does 1...Qf8 stop?

  • #106

    Nice, this time sacrifice two queens for the fun!!!

  • #107

    why black dont move g5?

  • #108

    Good move order.

  • #109
    plumasalazar wrote:

    why black dont move g5?

    1 Rf4 g5 2 Qxh7# That's why! Cool

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    Very nice.

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  • #114

    pretty nice one. nice tactics. ignore the queen, fatal. take her, forced mate. nice play white :)

  • #115

    Why in the world did black move: 1... Bg4??

    Rather than sacrafice the bishop in a meaningless delay of the threatened Rh4, why not skip the bishop move and instead proceed to the  Qf8 sooner rather than later?

    It would make no difference in the end, but it seems like a wasted sacrafice.

  • #116

    why black sacrifice in g4 at second make no sence???????????

  • #117

    Catch the King in corner.... ;)

  • #118

    Why does black move a bishop after white moves the rook?

  • #119

    Yeah, I still don't know why the bishop moved there...

  • #120
    therealbuzz wrote:

    why black sacrifice in g4 at second make no sence???????????

    If the title had been "Mate in 4" the same people who wrote "1...Bg4 makes no sence" would have pointed out that this "senceless move" delays the mate by one move! Laughing

    The title of the puzzle is correct wether you like 1...Bg4 or not!


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