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3/8/2013 - Mate in 5

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    Why does black move a bishop after white moves the rook?

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    Yeah, I still don't know why the bishop moved there...

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    therealbuzz wrote:

    why black sacrifice in g4 at second make no sence???????????

    If the title had been "Mate in 4" the same people who wrote "1...Bg4 makes no sence" would have pointed out that this "senceless move" delays the mate by one move! Laughing

    The title of the puzzle is correct wether you like 1...Bg4 or not!

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    good one indeed.

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    Not so easy

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    Good one.

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    watching that bishop is the key

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    I was stymied by the first move. Thanks for a very good puzzle.

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    I do not see the end in five! Moving the bishop is useless! Move the queen to F8 force an exchange! So there will not be end....yet!

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    Brining the bishop to a suicidal Bg4 makes zero sense on Black's behalf.

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    I was determined to get it right first time today, because for quite a lot of days I have been playing a few different moves, in the sure knowledge that if it was the wrong move then I would have another chance.  And obviously you do not have this in a real game!  A good puzzle, where black began with all of his pieces on the wrong side of the board.

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    Rf4!! Treating Queen Sucrifice and checkmate. Nice! thanks

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    An easy five mover mate but instructive mate and beautiful.

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    nice one

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