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3/8/2013 - Mate in 5

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    good one indeed.

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    Not so easy

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    Good one.

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    watching that bishop is the key

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    I was stymied by the first move. Thanks for a very good puzzle.

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    I do not see the end in five! Moving the bishop is useless! Move the queen to F8 force an exchange! So there will not be end....yet!

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    Brining the bishop to a suicidal Bg4 makes zero sense on Black's behalf.

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    I was determined to get it right first time today, because for quite a lot of days I have been playing a few different moves, in the sure knowledge that if it was the wrong move then I would have another chance.  And obviously you do not have this in a real game!  A good puzzle, where black began with all of his pieces on the wrong side of the board.

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    Rf4!! Treating Queen Sucrifice and checkmate. Nice! thanks

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    An easy five mover mate but instructive mate and beautiful.

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    nice one

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    A mad black queen to F6 doesnt prevent mate in 5 either

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    Just wondering why the black bishop would move there in the first place?

    It is just a free piece...


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