4/14/2021 - Dropping a Line


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Interesting puzzle, and the white queen is an obvious weakness.

Today I hope to share you a positional puzzle - how can white gain positional advantage:

Here is the explanation of the puzzle, as well as this instructive game:

I feel that it is really helpful for those who hope to improve. Thanks to my muted friend @LaNinaBonita. She has spent plenty of time on chess education and culture. Feel free to like and share the video, subscribe on her channel here, and send her a friend request.

Hope everyone well and have a nice day!


Hello everyone! I'm back after being muted by for 3 days

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Puzzle of the day:

P.S. Yes you're a joke to the daily puzzle Levent 😂

P.P.S. If you analyze the puzzle in the engine, it won't say my moves are the best moves unless you run it for a while (minimum 20 depth)


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Wow this is really cool!

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That White Queen was cruising for a bruising.   thumbup.png  


Sorry to everybody for being inactive for a while, I just wanted a break from Chess but I still do play it from time to time, so I can't think of a good puzzle from a game I did before so... the puzzle is going to be a "Fastest mate puzzle".

(Taken from my game when I was at Chess club before)


(I know it's very simple, but I can't provide a good puzzle for now.)
(4.f6 is bugged so click hint instead, I know it's simple and that you don't wanna but but it has a bug.)
(Most of the puzzle is bugged for some reason so click the "solution" instead.)


Puzzle that I just thought of: 





Nice puzzle today. This was a easy one.


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I am so lucky i got two chances today on the first page itself..........


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heres my puzzle!



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