4/17/2018 - One Powerful Move


1. Rd6  Solved.


That was simple


I believe this is where Caruana was able to checkmate Carlsen on the board a couple years ago?


67th only one who is 67th

"ColdFly_chess (post #47) wrote:
This is how @tingtong99 would play (see note): 1. Rd6 Rg2+ 2. Kxg2 Kh4 3. Rxh6+ gxh6 4. Kf3 Kxh3 5. Ke4 h5 6. Kd5 hxg4 7. Kc6 g3 8. Kb7 g2 9. Kxa7 g1=Q+ 10. Ka8 Qc5 11. a3 Kg3 12. a4 Kg2 13. a5 Kh2 14. a6 Kh3 15. a7 Qc8#"

Well, since Black's death is inevitable, might as well make it a quick one!

Unfortunately, can't edit posts with the phone app (you'll notice I miffed the escape squares - Black's King can't move to f5 because of the g4 pawn) or quote other users' posts properly either for that matter. Come on, Chess.com, give us that functionality.

Anyway, 3. ... Kh4 is the shortest road to mate.




Damn! 2. ... Kh4! Bugger!

How is this easy? The Rook move, I guess, but not the mate. From Stockfish the complete sequence is: 1. Rd6 Rh2 2. Kxh2 Kf4 3. Rg6 Ke44. Rxg7 Kd3 5. Rxa7 Kc2 6. Ra3 Kb27. Rb3+ Kxa2 8. Rb7 Ka3 9. h4 Ka4 10. g5hxg5 11. hxg5 Ka5 12. g6 Ka6 13. Rb1 Ka514. g7 Ka4 15. g8=Q Ka3 16. Qa8#

Congratulations to all of those who can see this 16 move mate! Easy? Wow . . . Yes, the Rook move initially restricts the King, but mate actually comes on the other side of board!



Too busy watching reruns of Blackadder you see.

give an interesting one


Currency_Lad wrote:
Too busy watching reruns of Blackadder you see.


I use the mobile browser version. Can quote & edit. 

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this can't be a mate because after white has even played Rd6then


       .,Rh2,Kxh2,Kh4  the only solution for white so that he does not get mate.




If I had a opponent who made me play out the game after the spite check 1...Rg2+ and my automatic capture 2.Kxg2 I'd want to strangle him.  Courtesy and respect says you resign as it is hopeless for Black and a time waster for White unless Black thinks White is foolish enough to fall into stalemate.  If White could find 1.Rd6, that possibility is nil!


Needed a little think


whats to stop black rook from checking etc


Common theme of the week:  Find and cut off opposing King's escape squares.   A good lesson or players at my level.


The game is won for white, but not as quickly as you might think. After 1...Rh2 2 Kxh2, black has escape squares at f4 and h4. Same for 1...Rg2+ 2. Kxg2.


Didn't see the restricted space at first. Page 5, woohoo!