4/7/2021 - Winning the Won Game


I thought it was going to be:
... Qe3 ; Kf1 e4 ; RxR ?! Qc1+ ; Kf2 e3#



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Nice puzzle ! I don't know why but I thought about Qe1+ or Qd1+ but not about the correct move. I ended up by doing one of them even if I was not able to find a conclusion .

Then 2. Kh2! = 

1...Qe1+?? (leaving f3 unguarded), 2. Kh2! Rb8, 3. Qxb8 Ne2, 4. g4+! Kh4 (4...Kg6??, 5. Qg8#), 5. Qb6 Qg3+, 6. Kh1 Qe1+ = draw by threefold repetition 

so that’s why Black needs to prevent Qf3+

1...Qe3+! (guarding f3 against the White Queen)

There is no Qf3+ in your variant but yes the goal is to prevent Qf3+ after Ne2. That's why after Qe1+, Kh2 the computer suggests the odd looking move Rb8 to deflect the white queen from the a8-h1 diagonal and save the draw.

I’m telling you that 1...Qe3+ - much stronger than 1...Qe1+. 

1...Qe3+! (defending f3), 2. Kh2 Ne2!! (threatening Qg1#), 3. Qf3+ (CHECK) Qxf3, 4. Rxf3 Rxf3, 5. gxf3 Nd4! - Black wins easily 

what is happening 


did you do my pizlle


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How can you make a day puzzle?

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