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4/13/2012 - Unusual Mating Pattern

  • #121

    interesting, but black was milti-screwed to begin with

  • #122

    I always prefer a queen once pawn reaches the last row. Knight was the better choice here.

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  • #124

    looks simple, but not so easy to forsee the 3rd move in real game

  • #125

    The topic headline made me think about something else... *cough* nvm...

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  • #127

    I quite liked that !

  • #128

    good one

  • #129

    The minor promotion was a nice find

  • #130
    Melultu wrote:

    Kf6 is also valid, no?

    No, queen is hitting that square. Do you have your glasses on?

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  • #132

    Nf6 would have have check-mated just as well as Rf8. Smile

  • #133

    what about Nhf6 after Kh8. that should be mate

  • #134

    Rf8# is the correct solution because it's in only 3 moves but I prefer the Nhf6 move - it seems more elegant.

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    I know rook to f8 works, but what's wrong with moving the knight from h7 to f6 on the last move?

  • #137

    Oh, never mind I see black could hold off mate one more move with their queen.

  • #138

    i think knight f6 works too

  • #139
    baabaabaabaa wrote:

    i think knight f6 works too

    Read the two posts right above yours.

  • #140

    Wow. Really exotic, but it works.


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