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4/17/2012 - Mate in 5

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    luv the smother

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    very good

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    Nice puzzle. Dont get the guys who complain! It's just a puzzle to start your day - you want something competitive play a match with a top player.

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    the first variation boards above have not loaded for me but the other mate in 5 (yes 5 not 6) seems to work just as well and involves blocking the defence rather than sac'ing the queen... any thoughts as to why this would not work:

    1:Qe6+ Kh8

    2:Nf7+ Kg6

    3:Nd8+ Kh8 (Kf8 leads to immediate mate)

    4:Qe8+ Qf8 (only available blocking move)

    5:QxQ (for a 5 move mate)

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    coool one had rough time n it :/

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    Nice concept but too obvious.

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    nice mate

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    This variation was first played in 1497 by Juan Ramirez Lucena of Spain if I remember correctly Cool

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    Philidor Legacy !!

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    that was sweet

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    Very nice, blocking the black queen with his own man.

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    best ending in a long time

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    Tongue outi have this puzzle before!!

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    yeewassup wrote:

    usually these puzzles are well thought out, but i seem to see another mate in 5, is there anything wrong with:


    not saying that this puzzle isn't well thought out

    You are quite right, but the Nh6+ route is in somewhat more generic; it also works when White's queen is far away on the diagonal a2-g8 (not necessary at e6.)

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    Would you guys stop saying "too easy" on these puzzles. It seems the people with much higher ratings than you and I  like them quite well.It's embarrassing .

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