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4/20/2013 - Playing With Precision

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    That was hard but really cool

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    I have no idea how I got that in my first try.

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    Nice but what if B doesnt take the Knight ?

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    Very nice.

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    pretty nice

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    As it says!

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    I totally agree with CsokaEndre - this is NOT a good puzzle..too many loose ends, variations, and finally a mate in 13 (maybe)?? For those of you that found it easy I remind you of the quote, "They called him a half-wit, not realizing that they only comprehended one-third of what he meant..."

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    good one.

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    Excellent challenge.

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    hard but managed to do it without fail!

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    rise512 wrote:



    After King escapes to Kh5, Nf6+, Kh7, Qe7.  I don't think rook to h8 works after Qe7 cuz then Ng4+ again and black is in a mating net (this time has to take Knight).  Rook to d8 wont work cuz of Ng8+ and following Qh4#.  What else can black do? He can give a check with Nf3+, but after Kf2, what check can black give that won't lose the knight? (Qd2+, Re7).

    If then black tries Ng5 as defense, fxg5+ and black is lost after kxg5, h4+, Kh6, Qxh7#

    Great puzzle!  Simple but fun to look at all the alternate lines, in all of which black loses immediately

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    Really nice


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