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4/20/2013 - Playing With Precision

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    dufferps wrote:

    With the black knight poised to fork at f3, black could (probably should) have avoided allowing the white queen to move and check. 

    1. ...  Kh5  could force white into a repeated positions draw.
    It is when black tries to break that pattern (capturing the checking knight) that white may gain an advantage and opportunity to win. 

    But I err - on further analysis I see:

    1.Ng4+  Kh5, 2.Nf6+ Kh6, 3.Ng8+ Kh5, 4.Qg7!  (now black must check on every move)
        4. ... Nf3+  5.Kh1  Qf1+  6.Rxf1 any move  6.Qh6# or Qxh7#
        4. ... Ne2+,  5.Rxe2 Qd4+,  6.Qxd4 Rxd4,  7.Re7 Kh5,  8. Rxh7+  Kg4,
        9. Kf2 Rd2+,  10.Ke3  Rxh2,  11.Rxh2  Kxg3, 12.Rf2  1-0

    There are many variations,  but I see white wins barring a mis-play.

    White will still win on 1...Kh5, but not on 3. Ng8+ because of 3...Rxg8.

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    MarkProb wrote:

    If king was to move to g8 instead of h6 it would have been critical for white.

    That allows queen takes rook, with check.

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    CsokaEndre wrote:

    It is NOT a nice puzzle, because it was very unclear whether black took the best moves (it seems that he did not).
    Why so many people like such incomplete puzzles?
    Maybe you do not understand at all what is chess puzzle about?

    Yeah, not a good puzzle at all. In fact, it was probably the worst I've seen on chess.com.

    P.S.: thanks to rise512 for showing how 1...Kh5 leads to a drawn out game.

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    good puzzle evreyday learn from them


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