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4/21/2012 - Round and Round

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    Best puzzle.

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    if 1st move is

    Qf5   N*b4

    then its not a mate in Three...

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    yes, but what is "round and round"? 

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    its not excat bcos there is nothing like we should only move king instead we try to move bishop so its not excat

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    White wins with almost any play, but he gets a mate-in-3 by starting with 1.Qf5.  I think black give him the mate-in-3 by his response, 1. ... Kc6.

    I think black should have responded 1. ... Nxb4.  White would still win, but I don't see how it could then be mate-in-the next two moves.  I have looked at several scenarios; none resulted in mate in the next 2 moves:

    2. Kb7  Bf6, 
    3. Queen can check from f6, e6, or d7, Black escapes to xc5.
    3. Ne4+ Ke7 ....

    2. Nb7+ Kb6
    3. Queen can check from e4, e6, ot d7.  In each case Black has at least one escape squares, and only 3.Qd7 removes interposition as an option for black.

    Because of all this, I prefer to start:
    1. Qa6+    Nb6 (forced)
    2. Qxb6+  Kd5 (forced)
    3. Qe6+    Kd4 (forced)

    No mate-in-3 but every response was forced, and now I'm in position to capture black's last piece.

    4. Qxe7   Kd5 or Kd3 or Kc3 or Kc4
    5. Qe4 (check, unless 4. ... Kc3)

    Now white's only concern is to avoid stalemate.

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    Too easy.

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    hard one

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    its not a puzzle

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    nice puzzle

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    Blubanana02 wrote:

    Round and round like merry-go-round.

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    another force mate here: 1 Qa6+ Nb6 2 Qxb6+ Kd5 3 Qd3+ Kc6 4 Qd7+ Kb6 5 Qb7#

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    nice and easy... very easy

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    SaiKrishna_K wrote:

    worst puzzle

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    prativa_pralh wrote:

    why a4? don't think either side would play those moves. more likely

    1. Rd3+ Kb4 2. Kb2 Rh4 3. a3#

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    prativa_pralh wrote:
    1.a4     Kb4?
    2.Kb2   Rh3?

    Once again you present a "puzzle" in which a checkmate is achieved because of a series of blunders by the opponent.

    Black is in a position to improve his situation, and white gives him an opportunity with 1.a4.  Black should respond, 1. ... Rxc2+..|

    After 2. Kb1 (forced) 2. ... Kxb3 and black is in a position to trade rooks and possibly trade his rook for white's rook AND LAST PAWN.  A King and Rook vs. a lone King may be winnable, but it is not easy within 50 moves.

    White could avoid all this by starting out with 1. Rd3+  Kb4, 2. Kb2 -- now white is in position for 3.a3# or 3.Rd4#.  The only way black can avoid checkmate on the next move is 2. ...  Rxc2+  3. Kxc2  Ka3  -- Now white must be careful to avoid stalemate, but his two rooks should give him a win.

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    nice played, nice puzzle.


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