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4/23/2013 - Round About Way to Win

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    pcfilho wrote:

    Judit Polgár announces MATE IN 4! Can you solve it?



    I am seeing a mate in 3 -

    1.Rf8+    Bxf8
    2.d6+     Be6

    What am I missing?

    Oh, Now I see:
    2. ...    Qd5
    3. Bxd5+    THEN
    3. ...    Be6
    4. Bxe6#

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    More straight forward than the title implies.

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    not bad

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    Loved the puzzle posted by 14 hours ago · in comment · #112  by  sriramu123

    Under-promotion to a sacrificial piece to avoid stalemate and enable checkmate!!!

  • #185

    The pawn can't capture the rook because it is pinned by the bishop

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    Orange_Mouse posts 2 ridiculous "solutions" to two "puzzles" in  comment #138.  Why?

    The first "puzzle" should be a mate in 1 by black, and black makes the wrong move.

    The second is a game opening by the two worst players I can imagine.

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    Don't you people get bored by always commenting 'too easy' and 'first page'? Every single puzzle they put, there is innevitably someone who wants to show just how unchallenged by the puzzle they are. Yeah, yeah, we know you're smart and an exceptionally awesome chess player, kudos to you, now talk more chess and less how dumb the others (apparently people who choose the puzzles) are.

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    This was an extremely brain-building puzzle.

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    taylorgang73 wrote:

    I think there is an alternate solution in which 2.Rxg6+ followed by Qh6 is mate however black recaptures.

    If 2. Rxg6+ then 2...Kxg6 3. Qh6+ Kf5.

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