4/24/2013 - Mate in 3

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    nice puzzle

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    USA-1-Brother wrote:

    nipanopsa - thanks for the update!  You are right - N-h5 by black prevents mate in either 2 or 3.  I over failed to see that move.  With that move white gets mate in 4 (3 still possible).  After black N-h5 we have white RxN.  If black does not play PxR white get mate on his next (3rd) move by QxP(h7).  If black plays PxR white plays N-f6 for check (black must play K-h8) followed by QxP(h7) mate.

    Bryan681972 I think you are looking at the wrong color  when you refer to QxN.  Move sequents I had are:  white(w) N-g4 black(b) QxP(f2), (w) NxN ck (b) QxN, (w) QxP(h7)mate.

    PS:  I hope all these positions are correct.  I am "old school" where N-g4 would be written N-B4 (knight to bishop 4) or N-QB4 (knight to queens bishops 4) and often times I still think in those terms.

    If 1...Nh5 by Black then 2. Ne7+ Kh8 3. Qxf8# and boom boom out go the lights.

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    Nice, got it in just a few seconds though Wink

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    Man, I am in the mood for sacrifice.

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    bchadez wrote:

    I also like knight G4. I think that still leads to mate in 3.


    the only reason they didnt do G4 is because this way you force black's move. With G4, Black gets to decide what to do.

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    knight G4 leads to Black Kh5...so it doesn't help

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    I learned something.

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    I had to have help on the first move=== loser

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    nice Puzls :)

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    nice to practice

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    got got

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    Nice puzzle but even easier second time around - this one was posted a couple of weeks ago.

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    Funny.  Good one.   =)

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    My first puzzle....it was easy!!Cool

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    too piece of cake .... but death .....

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