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4/27/2012 - Mate in 3

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    Think taking with the knight works just as well

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    Nice, but in a real game with a short time limit I would definitely do Nxf4 first and then Qd5, as someone already mentioned. It's just as much of a guaranteed mate, but far less damaging if you after starting the sequence you realize you overlooked something - which can easily happen in a blitz game.

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    mythas wrote:

    The knight sac everyone is talking about doesnt work, because it does force black to take the knight. THe king simply moves to h4

    Rg4, mate in 2, in that case. Black must take the knight.

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    That explains why I didn't see the first move...it wasn't a check. Frown

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    Ok puzzle insaneCool

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    Brilliant queen sacrifice! How did black's king end up in the center? Still, unpreventable

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    easy sacrifice

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    I hate to give up my queen

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    yap tats too easy one

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    I couldn't get the first move

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    Nice one. The Queen sacrifice to bring the knight was cool Cool

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    jenningsnickolas wrote:

    Another possible solution
    1.Nxf4+ exN [.. Kh4 2. Nxg6+ Kh5 [..Kh3 3.Qg4+ Kxh2 4. Qg2#] 3. Qf5#]
    2.Qd5+ Kh4 [.. g5 3.Qxg5#]
    3. Qg5+ Kh3
    4. Qg3#

    More complex, but works.

    4. Qg3+ fxQ

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    It's no form to black be free from that mate if black don't take the Queen?

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    too easyCool

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    another Q sac !!! Nice...

  • #138

    This was a hard Queen sac for me. Good puzzle today.

  • #139

    my queen died!!! :D then i won =P awesome

  • #140

    That's a sexy mate


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