4/29/2013 - Boxed

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    pcfilho qe8+ r takes e8 b takes f6 check!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!mate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Wink

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    Sun777 wrote:

    cool! At first i tri]ed to take the pawn. :(

    Same here - I went for the pawn right away!  Just a habit!

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    pcfilho wrote:

    I announce MATE IN 2! Can you find it?



    After 1.Bxf6. Black has two options and both result in checkmate by the white queen on the next move.

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    v good

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    PIRATCH wrote:

    Nice mate in 2!

    Although 1 Rxg4 Ka3 2 Rh4 (anywhere on the 4th rank except a4 and b4) 2...Ka2 (zugzwang) 3 Ra4# is a mate in 3 - not a big difference! 

    You're right that there's no big difference in the number of moves to checkmate; yet, there's surely a big difference in the sheer beauty.  The 3 move mate is a routine one; while the 2 move mate shows a beautiful variation that's also informative.

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    NinjaBear wrote:

    Here's a puzzle for you: Is it possible, from this position, to obtain mate in 2,3,4,5, ... moves? How?

    Yes, it's possible to obtain mate in as many moves as you want; simly take the pawn and make the opponent's King shuttle in-between a1 - a3 as long as you want by shuttling your rook in-between c4 - h4.  But that's foolhardy; not chess.

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    ThutmoseIII wrote:

    My first impulse was to try a Queen sacrifice. After verifying that this was not possible since there are no Queens on the board, I gave up.

    Why did you give up?  There's a pawn that you could promote to Queen and then sacrifice the Queen.

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    that was literally the very last move i tried. 

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    good title lead...

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