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4/3/2013 - Mate in 2

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    Sunday EZ

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    Zombie_Agamemnon wrote:
    briansladovich wrote:
    Zombie_Agamemnon wrote:
    Zombie_Agamemnon wrote:

    (comment deleted - no naming and shaming, please)

       How is she an 'irritating firster' ? She has never made reference to being on the first page or, posting the first comment. Her comments are polite, relevant and helpful. If you find that the first few comments reveal the solution to the puzzle, may I suggest that you attempt the puzzle before reading the comments section. In any event,when the puzzle board settles, the comments section is out of sight.

       For your further information, 'Smeagol' is a character from Lord of the Rings. How you claim this to be ' EXTREMELY offensive to women', I don't know. You must be thinking about something else.    

    Yet another non-playing member of Chess.com. Her comments are not polite at all. All she does on Chess.com is give spoilers and call it "harssment" when people call her out on it. You obviously missed all of her comments that were deleted. She was being very nasty. This is why her account was closed the first time. Chess.com is not a website that welcomes trolls.

    Cool   Perhaps you should google the meaning of internet troll. Oh, and which comment was removed by Chess.com staff ?

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    oh my,

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    Um, excuse me, but how do I find out how many points i have?


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