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4/7/2012 - Piskov-Kiselov 1987 (colors and names reversed)

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    difficult and complicated one!

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    The difficulty of this puzzle was severly diminished due to my intellect!

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    3. Rd7!!  This puzzle was tough because you don't know if the goal is a quick checkmate,  a major win of material, or even trading down and using the a-pawn to win.  But seeing the limited black king mobility and seeing a potential Qg3 mate after move two allowed me to find the defelection move.  It also helped that 3. Rd7 stops black's only sensible check 3...Qd6+, because I was first looking at 3. Rb7, but that allows 3...Qd6+.

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    NQChien wrote:

    Excellent puzzle. Note that white was a bit lucky since black was not able to meet 3.Rd7 with ...Rd5 since the d5 square is under white queen's control.

    I know what you're saying, but perhaps it was not luck.  Perhaps white went into this seeing the whole line through and saw it was winning.  Or white just instinctively knew the black rook could never go to d5 in this line without actually calculating the line.  The better your calculating abilities and instincts are the better you will play.

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    Cool Wow !  Excellent puzzle.

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    Nice puzzle..

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    What if black plays Rg5 at move 3?

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    Beautiful again!

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    Most interesting puzzle. Very very nice. Tongue out

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    Good one - not easy to solve - the black Q is just too busy guarding 'two' many important squares

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    arty8 wrote:

    What if black plays Rg5 at move 3?

    I believe that eliminates the checkmate but wins a rook for white.  Either 4. Qxg5+ Kxg5 5. Rxd3 or 4. Rxd3 Rxg2+ 5. Kxg2.

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    I'm always having trouble dragging the peices, once i click them, it just doesnt move,they follow my cursor and dont move where i place them.

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    2nd page

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    Nice work!!


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