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4/7/2012 - Piskov-Kiselov 1987 (colors and names reversed)

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    Pretty cool and I did not have to give up my queenCool

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    Why not Kf4 after Qg2+

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    Why didn't Daily Puzzle finish it up with the black queen taking rook and checkmate?

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    very good puzzle but I do not think that the black pieces have ever won a puzzle!!!!! I mean really what is up with that??

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    very very nice moves.... thanks

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    Deflection at its finest.

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    another point is 1...Kf4 2.Re4+!! Qxe4 3.Qg3#

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    it's not hard to get on the first page i do every time

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    great play it was a good game!

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    dont let the queen decieve you

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    A bit difficult, but interesting puzzle!

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    Nice one

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    deflection nice!

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    Another fine puzzle.  Too bad we cannot vote on the puzzles we like and the puzzles we do not like.  There was a simple elegance in this one I very much appreciated.

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    incredible, I would have never seen that.

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    still easy, i wish for a harder one

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    vyik wrote:

    I agree with Bryan. There is no such thing as luck in chess.

    Well, I wouldn't say that. A player can make a move that happens to be the best move, without seeing all the lines and knowing why it was best. That could especially happen in a complex middlegame when one of several good looking moves is the only one that gives a winning endgame, but the player makes the move for a different reason. But I believe white knew what he was doing here.


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