5/28/2018 - Classically Overworked


It's simply dumbfounding how many players, even highly rated ones, repeat the discovered, double check (i.e. Nxf6#) solution without checking previous posts.  I'd never trust them with any serious research because they're either too lazy to read what has come before or too self-involved to care.  A hell of a way to go through life.

Facts are, the number of responses should runs to four pages at most, not 7, 8, 9, 10 and even 11.  That's not free speech, that's narcissism.


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Perhaps trickier than at first glance? Nice combination to open up the game and take control.

Also, agree with fightingbob at post 127. This use to bother me a bit, now I just don't care. These folks will never improve much, as they are too lazy to even take a few minutes to read previous posts - many of which answer their questions. Too bad . . .


it felt good. whooow!!!