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5/15/2014 - Morphy-Harrwitz, 4th Match game, 1858

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    RainbowDash094 wrote:

    if the black queen takes the knight, then the white queen takes the rook, then it's a fairly even position

    Not for long.

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    I'm quite sure this combination doesn't work without the seemingly meaningless white pawn on d5, which prevents 5...Qe6!

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    TheRaze wrote:

    call me a noob but i dont see why the black queen didnt kill white knight.

    Your a noob.lol   Laughing

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    Nice one

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    nice - i'm getting closer to 1st page!

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    I dont understand why the queen didnot take the horse after 3rd move ?

  • #190

    Easy bizy lemon squeezing

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    last move is confusing but i get it.

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    Morphy never gets old.

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    ματ με τον ΙΠΠΟ απο 5G ΣΤΟ 6Η κατι που δεν βλεπεισ συχνα

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