5/16/2013 - Mate in 5

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    cool a pawn mate and a king chase.

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    Tongue Out

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    RBSangui wrote:

    Hello world!!! :D

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    pawn mate!

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    After Knight to d6 check, not Bishop x Knight, else Queen x b7 checkmate??!!

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    MichaelW2012 wrote:
    dmorrissey23 wrote:

    How come the black bishop did not take the knight??

    1... Bxd6
    2. Qxb7# 

    That's right. Sorry, I made my post before I saw this.

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    why not go Knight to f6 and than "Q" to b7?

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    queen a6 or 7 would have been fine aswell

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    black made some questionable moves

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    You have solved this problem!

    5. b3# 

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    Thank you for the puzzle, a little easy today, but MEOW TO ALL!!

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    GBuckne wrote:

    black made some questionable moves

    Every move by black was forced

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    Orange_Mouse wrote:

    It was mate at move 30 with Q to 8 rank

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    pcfilho wrote:
    jakeryan150482 wrote:
    pcfilho wrote:

    A trap by a lovely girl: Kiera Kennedy announces MATE IN 2! Can you find it?  



      PS: for those curious about yesterday's mate-in-10 problem, I posted the solution here:


    1 Qh5+ Rg5  2 Qxg5#

    Too easy.

    I know, today it was an easy one. 

    We needed an easy one after that tough mate in ten.  By the way, PCF, what really happened in the Carlsen game after that key move Qc7?

    And, are we getting the puzzles for today, viz. May 17th?

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    White Knight: "How YOU Doin'?"

    Black King: "Just fine...how YOU Doin', horsie boy?"

    White Knight: "Doin' GREAT! why doncha come on over here to the Queenside."

    Black King: "Marvelous Idea!!"

    White Queen: "Keep on goin."

    Black King: "Umm. If you say so lady."

    White Bishop: "Oh, and, How YOU Doin' again, my Lord?"

    Black King: "All right now what's this all about?

    White Pawn: "You just got mated, sir."

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    easy puzzle for me!

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    Good one.

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    Dailypuzzle seems to be on vacation, and the solution to PCFilho's Mate in 3 Puzzle of May 17th (posted at http://jornalheiros.blogspot.in/) is 1.Qg7+; Rxg7 (forced) 2. Rxc8+; Rg8 (forced) 3 R(either 1 of the 2)xg8#

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