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5/16/2013 - Mate in 5

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    it should be checkmate in 2..

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    Nice puzzle Wink

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    When does the new daily puzzle come up???

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    These are not hard its too and very easy 

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    Thanks for the replies. I now see why the bishop didn't capture the knight.

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    ollielacey96 wrote:

    it should be checkmate in 2..

    Show us how! Wink

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    TheAvetisov wrote:

    why not go Knight to f6 and than "Q" to b7?

    1 Nf6 Kc7 2 Qxb7+ Kd6 would be a long way to mate (certainly not in 5)!

    If Black wants only to prevent a mate in 5 after 1 Nf6 Qe4 will also do it! Cool

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    MrAwesomeness12 wrote:

    jakester127, if white can get his bishop to c6, that puts on much more pressure and probably also leads to mate.

    It certainly looks like white gets to a winning position, but it will take him several moves to set up a forced mate after Bc6 as black has some good defensive options, such as Nb6, that keep him alive for a while.  Such a set up can't get the mate in 5 required by the puzzle.

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    its not easy but its possible to solved'

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    First move is right?

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    Ganbat75 wrote:

    First move is right?


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    What about 5. Qa6#?

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    The chess problem below is one by Bruce Pandolfini:

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    Mate in 12:

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