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5/16/2013 - Mate in 5

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    the king is going in all directions.

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    Why didn't 1....Bxd6

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    D_for_DJ wrote:

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    DaPi2011 wrote:

    the last move could also be Qa7, or am I missing something?


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    gotta love the pawn checkmates

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    nice too

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    easy one

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    How come the black bishop did not take the knight??

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    5. Nc3# works too!

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    A_Rex wrote:

    5. Nc3# works too!

    Not quite.  King can move back to a5 as knight blocks bishop.

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    dmorrissey23 wrote:

    How come the black bishop did not take the knight??

    1... Bxd6
    2. Qxb7# 

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    Thanks for the lesson.  Being that Checkmate was administered by a (b2-b3) pawn; the Checkmate pattern would be call the David and Goliath Checkmate.  I thought the Hook mate was somewhat in sight.  Chess.com is always right!!!  Good Night!  Happy Chess Singing!Cool

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    cool a pawn mate and a king chase.

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    Tongue Out

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    RBSangui wrote:

    Hello world!!! :D

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    pawn mate!


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