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5/18/2012 - Mate in 4

  • #161
    Sina96 wrote:


    What was nice?

  • #162
    CollectorDeRattail wrote:


    Your picture is indecent.

  • #163
    Hastings27 wrote:


    That is irrelevant.

  • #164

    Nice play.

  • #165
    Hiddenmagi wrote:

    An alright puzzle =).

    What is an alright puzzle?

  • #166
    sanz1994 wrote:

    nice one

    What is a nice one?

  • #167
    EM1NEM wrote:

    YEAH 1st yeah wha wha

    Eminem is I believe what you are after and your comment is rude.

  • #168
    Hudlommen wrote:


    What does that symbol mean?

  • #169
    ShaheerTahir wrote:

    good puzzle

    What is a good puzzle?

  • #170
    waqasamjid wrote:

    Good One to solve.

    Good One what?

  • #171
    AskVarg wrote:

    The last move shouldn't be in the puzzle. Two possible mates - either rook can move to the h-file.

    If the object of the puzzle I assume you are referring to does not have two possible mates. The puzzle only shows one solution. The puzzle that no one seems to be able to describe. The puzzle that this forum is about.

  • #172
    JMarsh38 wrote:

    Good one, not too hard, not too easy for me.  always look at the number of squares the king has left.

    The king must be the only piece to whatever it is you are describing? I can't tell.

  • #173
    swbatt wrote:

    That's irrelevant.

  • #174
    razoman wrote:

    Very good puzzle.

    What is a very good puzzle?

  • #175
    farouqzaib wrote:

    Real nice one! I think I'm getting better at tactics. Thanks y'all!

    What's a nice one?

  • #176
    VarunSuresh wrote:

    nice 1st page

    Why is the first page nice?

  • #177
    lph wrote:


    What is excellent?

  • #178
    mohandisusa wrote:


    What is awesome?

  • #179
    big33chill wrote:

    i did it

    What did you do?

  • #180
    deepak21071974 wrote:


    That is irrelevant.


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